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Yoga exercise names on The philosophical school known as Vedanta is that which bases its teachings on the Upanisads. There are many Upanisads, many more than the traditional number of 108, though it is generally recognized amongst scholars that only a few are genuinely Vedic. The influential Vedantic theologian Sankara comments on or refers to twelve Upanisads: Aitareya, Brhadaranyaka, Chandogya, Isa, Kathaka/ Katha, Kausitaki, Kena, Mandukya, Mundaka, Prasna and Svetasvatara. R.E. Hume adds the Maitrayamya/Maitn to his list of what he calls The Thirteen Principal Upanisads, Paul Deussen adds the Mahanarayana to his list in The Philosophy of the Upanisads, and Sarvapelli Radhakhrishnan adds the Jabala and Painga,la to his collection of The Principal Upanishads. So the number of genuinely authoritative Upanisads is small, though somewhat variable. Yoga exercise names 2016.

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Yoga exercise names


Yoga exercise names

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