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Do you think clients should change the apparatus setup on their own? Should they be expected to know the names of the exercises?

A. I have always felt that clients should definitely not change their own springs. It is the responsibility of the instructors to do this.

Besides the potential liability issues, I often want to vary spring settings in the moment to make an exercise more or less challenging.

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I make those decisions on the spot based on the intensity of the session, the client’s mood, the time of the day and my objective at the time.
The client cannot measure all of these factors.

Saying that, as a client becomes more seasoned and I am absolutely sure he or she knows how to safely change a spring setting, I may on occasion ask him or her to change it.
However, I’d like to stress that this is the exception, rather than the rule.

Imagine having asked a client to put one spring on for Balance Control Front or Side Split, and then the spring pops off due to being placed incorrectly.
It could result in a disaster!

As for knowing the names of the exercises, I again feel that a client has come to enjoy a Pilates session, not be quizzed on the names of exercises. Does it help the flow if he or she knows the names of the exercises? Sure. However, it is in no way essential.
Over time, most clients will pick up the names, but I don’t feel it should be required—rather it just happens naturally.
The bottom line is that we are paid fairly to teach, guide and serve the client during the session—it is our responsibility to fulfill that rol e.

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