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Yoga exercise at home on One is primarily inferring the existence of native spirituality from a) snippets of evidence such as that mentioned above, and b) incompatibilities between Vedic teachings and those of other religious groups such as the Buddhists and the Jains. Furthermore, even if it could be demonstrated that sramanic (renouncer) religions like Buddhism and Jainism are non-Vedic in origin, that does not prove that they were non-Aryan. To claim that a tradition is non-Vedic is one thing; to claim that it originated in pre-Aryan native culture is another.28 So, did yoga originate in Vedic circles, eventually finding expression in the Upanisads and going on to become disseminated out to the wider culture and adopted by religions such as Buddhism, or did it already exist in India, ready to be appropriated by both brahmanical and non-brahmanical groups alike? Much depends on the dating of the Katha Upanisad. If the Katha pre-dates the Buddha then it is possible that he borrowed ideas about yoga from it. If, on the other hand, the Katha is contemporary with or even later than the Buddha he cannot be thought to have borrowed from it, particularly since his teachings on yogic meditation are far more detailed than those found in the Katha, and also because, in the period before his enlightenment, he was taught meditation by two forest-dwelling teachers: Alara Kalama and Uddaka Ramaputta. Alternatively, we might want to address the issue in terms of the more general theories mentioned above and look to changes in food production and human cognition as primary factors. Yoga exercise at home 2016.

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