Yoga Eight-Angle Pose

The meaning of the expression he attains liberation in the above Yoga Eight-Angle Pose verse is that, passing the rest of his life in the world and engaging himself in dispensing grace to others who come near him, he attains salvation and at the end becomes SivaYoga Eight-Angle Pose. It has been said in some unspecified text: The Gods consider him to be a brahmin1 who remains satisfied with whatever appears before him, who eats whatever comes his way, and who sleeps wherever he finds a place to sleep. It is said in the Moksadharmaparvan the chapter dealing with liberation of the MahltbhSrata: Undefiled, I perform the python vow2 in which food for eating in the form of fruits etc. and water for drinking are uncertain and their time and place are governed by the laws of fate. The cowardly ones cannot enjoy performing this vow which gladdens the hearts of the brave.

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