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When the supreme Lord, who is all-pervasive pure consciousness, out of his own free will limits himself and assumes the form of a limited separate being, then his divine nature is concealed and he no longer has the self-experience that his nature is absolute, that he is full-in-himself, that he is one-without-a-second, that he has all divine powers, or that he has complete free will. This self-created limitation is the Ilnava mala, the fundamental defilement on which the other two defilements rest. When the supreme Lord is covered by this self-imposed limitation, he manifests himself as all the different subjects, infinite in number, each different from the other. This defilement covers all three kinds of bound subjects paius: the Vijnanakalas, Pralayakalas, and Sakalas. In one of the foundation texts of monistic Saivism, the JsvarapratiabhijnH Kilrikti, Utpaladeva speaks about two distinct forms of the ilnava defilement: one form eclipsing only the freedom aspect of the supreme Lord’s nature, and the other form covering his self-awareness aspect. The Vijnanakala subjects are said to be covered by the first kind of ilnava defilement, and therefore they are always conscious of their divine nature but are devoid of any freedom of action. Since they are permanently unembodied they cannot perform any action. Since they are not able to perform any actions, good or otherwise, they can neither evolve nor descend to the lower levels of creation. Therefore it is said that they lie immersed in the consciousness-nature of separateness, aware of their divine essence but incapable of doing anything.

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