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Loss of Libido Libido may be enhanced with R. rosea, maca, muira puama, or 7-keto DHEA. Irregular Menses, Galactorrhea, Mastalgia Atypical antipsychotic medications, some older neuroleptics, and rarely SSRIs can cause elevated prolactin levels. This may lead to irregular menses, irritability, galactorrhea breast milk secretion, or mastalgia breast pain. When it is not possible to discontinue the medication, these side effects may improve with Agnes cactus-vitex Vitex, a phytoestrogen. Valproate has been associated with increased risk of polycystic ovary disease. When this occurs, it may be necessary to switch medications. Keeping in mind that insulin resistance also predisposes to polycystic ovary disease, the use of metformin oral hypoglycemic agent can be beneficial.

HEMATOLOGICAL DISORDERS Reduction in blood cell counts is a rare side effect of many medications, but it is not uncommon with valproate Depakote. In general, if this occurs, the medication should be discontinued. The one exception is Depakote. Modestly reduced cell counts often occur with Depakote and frequently respond to the following natural CAM treatments enabling the patient to continue the mood stabilizer. For decreased red blood cells, if the hematocrit is not lower than 32, try R. rosea, E. Senticosus, or shark liver oil. Toxicity from contaminants and gastrointestinal disturbances with low quality shark oil has been reported.

Therefore, the authors recommend only high quality shark oil products such as Immunofin two to six capsules/day Lane Labs or shark liver oil from Life Extension Foundation see Quality Herbal Products chart in Appendix A. For decreased white cell counts, if the total count is above 3,500 and the neutrophil count is above 1,500 try shark liver oil, two to six capsules/day Immunofin, E. senticosus Eleuthero or Siberian ginseng 500 mg b. Astragalus, or lithium 600 mg/day or more. For decreased platelets, if the platelet count is at least 80,000 and there is no bruising or bleeding, try shark liver oil Immunofin, two to six capsules/day. If any of the cell counts drop below the minimal levels mentioned above, then the Depakote should be discontinued and the CAM treatment continued until cell counts return to normal.

Yoga to ease nausea for About percent of men worldwide die from alcohol-related causes, compared to percent of women. The case of Russia, among the countries most affected by alcohol use, illustrates the harm that can result from a combination of the risk factors outlined above. Russia is relatively poor, and its usage patterns are characteristic of a dry culture binge drinking is common, and alcohol is likely to be consumed in the form of hard liquor in particular, vodka. Making matters worse, Russians consumption of pure alcohol on an annual basis is more in line with a wet culture to liters per year. Nearly all males in Russia drink, as do many young people, including more than million children between the ages of and. Yoga to ease nausea photos, Yoga to ease nausea 2016.

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