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Then I went to a gentle yoga class I felt truly relaxed feeling yoga yoga pose real people with real problems hello I’ve never define welcome to healing Yoga Yoga for real people with real problems and yes that was me in the cartoon I was in terrible shape before learning about gentle yoga and one of my biggest problems was getting sick all the time now let yoga help you to celebrate Earth Day with these healingyoga tips that put us in sync with Mother Earth slow the flow of breath down and ground the mind now we’re going to come into tree pose Rick Shah sana take the feet a little bit closer together the tree is a wonderful pose to get engagement of the glutes. But we have to have a firm foundation so take the left foot and spread the toes nice and wide. And then take the right foot. And just lean the right heel up against the left angle imagine taproots coming out of the feet out of the heel a big tap root is coming down 10 20 30 40 50 feet the ball of the big toe the bottle of the baby toe also big tap roots coming down. And then just imagine secondary roots growing off of the tap roots.

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And then tertiary roots hair like roots everybody’s roots are intertwined here. So you feel very secure now you feel really good you can begin to bring your foot up a little bit higher but, if you feel like you’re losing your balance just bring your foot back down energize that grounded lake house muscle to bone feel the glutes engage draw the sit bones together as you externally rotate this right leg out inhale the arms up engage the bottom part of the body and feel lightness and openness an expansiveness in the top part of the body now let’s go into Child’s Pose. And we’ll move into downward-facing dog. So we come on to our knees and our hands the knees can be wide the feet together. And the arms will be out in the front we’re taking the forehead down to the ground and resting we’re taking the sit bones back tail bones coming back and we’re letting the out-breath be complete letting the belly come to the front spine we feel the pelvis pouring the spine out in this pose we feel the spine lengthening this is a part of the information superhighway the brain is one area where we have intelligence. But there’s also intelligence all the way down the back concentrating in the spine in the spinal column after all of this hard work inverting ourselves and releasing long-held tension in the neck.

And the head and bringing awareness to all kinds of prana and oxygen and blood that’s coming into the head now we’re just going to cool off and relax relaxing is one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves in order to just improve health of the whole head the brain the scalp relaxing is an important aspect of the practice. Because it balances all of our hormones veep ritika Ronnie legs up the wall or legs on the chair is a wonderful way to warm down again you can see we’ve got this idea of prana flowing down towards the head the legs are supported the low back is very happy. And the belly is open and soft now we’ll move into shav Asana just lift the legs I’ll remove the chair. And then you can bring your knees bent yes. And then lengthen your legs out one at a time, if you’re using a bolster or world up blanket just place it underneath your knees for some support, if you have cucumbers or chamomile tea bags at home it might feel wonderful to put them on your eyes so nice to them on the brow bone staying away from the cornea for your awareness to the ice visualize your eyes as lungs take a long slow smooth and breath into the eyes feel the eyes drinking in all of this oxygen thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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