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The Fuzziness of the Architecture of Nonconscious Procedures


Guy Cellerier is mostly known for his attempt to combine the theories of Kant, Darwin, and Piaget with the development of artificial intelligence.101 Cellerier’s reasoning appears simple, but it has multiple and complex implications. He takes up Wallace’s nonlaw while insisting that in fact the interaction between the dynamics of an environment and the repertoire of available schema in each individual structure each other. A way of thinking or a way of behaving can be more or less adapted to the needs of the environment at a given moment, but this equilibrium can change with time, as an environment can also be experienced as more or less comfortable by individuals. With humans, the survival of a practice often depends more on the social environment than on geographical constraints. Cellerier’s proposal, therefore, can be related to a form of social Darwinism he now calls pluri-constructivism.â102 This coordination of practices is especially put in place by three types of mechanisms:

1. A practice necessarily depends on certain innate structures of the organism. It goes without saying that the behavior of speaking a language and the skill to write a novel are only observed (on our planet) in humans. On the other hand, a practice does not depend on all of the innate structures of an organism because language can be used by physically handicapped persons.

2. A practice also depends on the fine-tuning of physiological mechanisms that are calibrated by the practices of a lifetime. These diverse refined calibrations then influence the way the dimensions of the organism are built and reciprocally influence one another.

3. One form of such fine-tuning is the capacity to learn how to manage particular forms of moving and thinking. We have already seen, for example, that the learning of the martial arts such as tai chi chuan requires not only learning gestures but also learning how thoughts and respiration coordinate with the postural dynamics. This learning usually requires the support of an institution (a school, for example).

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