Yoga Eagle Pose

This brings us to the crux of the matter. Through history this yogic trance’ has then been signified different by various yoga discourses. Some yoga virtuosi say they had achieved peace of mind’; other that Kundalini was rising’; some would say they had become immortal’ and others just that they had become very flexible. We witness different descriptions of priorities and meanings given to yogic trance. This intellectual act -categorising, describing and giving signification to yogic ASC – is a crucial function of most yoga discourses. Technically speaking we could say that central to yoga discourse is to give signification to a referent (a measurable physical reality) called ASC.

This is explained in the following verse: Eating whatever may Yoga Eagle Pose come, wearing raiment of anything, absolute, still, living anywhere he comes upon by chance, he attains liberation, being the Self of all beings. He eats not according to Yoga Eagle Pose dietary rule, but whatever may come, without considering whether that food is pure or impure, unpleasant or sweet in taste. In other words, free from any consideration of what is advantageous or disadvantageous for him, the spiritual adept lives on the food which appears before him without exerting any effort. Whatever clothes a spiritual adept wears to cover his body, whether a shawl, a hide, or the bark of a tree, whether cotton cloth or divine dress, he does not consider their value. Such an individual is not partial to any kind of dress.

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