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Yoga dvd on We do not yet have a firm label for this project, which is sometimes referred to as Grounded Yoga, sometimes as Humanistic Yoga and sometimes as Intelligent Yoga. It is grounded in a move away from traditional approaches to asana, breathwork and philosophy; it is ‘humanistic’ in terms of promoting goals and relationships that support human flourishing in the here and now rather than in some supernatural realm or after death, and it is ‘intelligent’ in that it is grounded in a desire to draw upon the best evidence that is currently available as a basis for its guidance. My hope is that many readers of this book will find that material both exciting and challeging. Some readers will inevitably be critical of the entire project, which is understandable given the ways in which western people tend to become acquainted with yoga. I invite them to engage with the ideas and share their views via the Grounded Yoga website. INTRODUCTION The word yoga conjures up in the minds of many Westerners images of people performing exercises and adopting unusual, sometimes contortive postures. Such exercises and postures do have a place within the practice of yoga, but it is much more than that. Yoga dvd 2016.

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Yoga dvd


Yoga dvd

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