Yoga Downward Facing Dog Pose

Practise Press-ups five times (Day Four).

Lie on stomach in press-up position with hands beneath shoulders.

Start four-second pendulum breath in and reach full up position at full inspiration. Head back. Then return to floor on four-second pendulum breath out.

Yoga Downward Facing Dog Pose Chest twist

Practice Chest twist five times in each direction.

a Sit in middle of room, legs outstretched.

b During four-second pendulum breath in, place right foot over left leg, then place right hand behind you and hold left knee with left hand.

c Slowly twist to right as far as possible. Stretch body and turn head as far as it will go.

Autogenic revision

1. Practise autogenic relaxation with mantra (Day One).

2. Practise autogenic warmth relaxation (Day Four). Total time about 30 minutes.

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