Yoga Double Pigeon Pose

Yoga component Yoga Double Pigeon Pose Sit and stretch wall. reverse the exercise so that when your breath-out is completed you have reached the sitting position again. Repeat five to 10 times.


a Lie on stomach in press-up position with hands beneath shoulders.

b Start four-second pendulum breath in and reach full up position at full inspiration. Head back.

c As you pendulum breathe out, return to flat-on-the-floor by end of expiration.

a. This is a press-up type of yoga exercise. Lie on your tummy, with your forehead on the floor and hands beneath shoulders.

b. Very slowly, tilt head back, push hands against floor and press up to reach the full up position as the four-second breath in reaches the pendulum pause. The head should be pulled back as far as possible. (A girl with long hair will feel her hair slapping into her back.)

c. Then with the four-second expiration smoothly return to the flat on-the-floor position at the end of the expiration phase.

Repeat five to 10 times.

a Sit in middle of room, legs outstretched.

b During four-second pendulum breath in, place right foot over left leg, then place right hand behind you and hold left knee with left hand.

c Slowly twist to right as far as possible. Stretch body and turn head as far as it will go.

a. Sit in the middle of the room with the legs outstretched.

b. Start the four-second breathe in. Place right foot

3. Chest twist over left thigh, place right hand behind you and bring left hand to hold left knee.

c. Slowly twist to right as far as possible, and turning your head towards your back. Pull in at the waist, stretching the trunk tall. By now you will ideally have reached the four-second pendulum breath position of full inspiration.

d. Return to the sitting up straight position during four-second exhalation. Then repeat in the opposite direction.

This exercise is quite difficult and may well have to be practised a few times so that the mechanics can be mastered before they are synchronized with the breathing.

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