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Similarly, the actions performed by a perfect spiritual adept do Yoga Dolphin Pose not produce any result, due to the absence of any desire in him for the enjoyment of their fruits. In this way, an individual being who has liberated himself from the thought Yoga Dolphin Pose that a particular action should be performed and another action should not be, has his mind illuminated by knowledge of the highest kindâ”all this has been stated in the following verse: Thus in the kindled light of the Self, stirred up by the wind of contemplation, all his imaginings are sacrificed and he becomes one with the light. As described above, the contemplation or intense feeling that I am the Siva-consciousness who eternally manifests himself in all forms constitutes a current of the experience of the Self that gradually increases like the wind. A spiritual adept illuminated by that knowledge is like a fire whose ashes are rekindled, lighting up with the blowing air and illuminating the intellect of the adept. He offers all his worldly imaginings-such as I am a fettered being, I am bound by the bonds of the karma mala defilement, hence I am an embodied being, these are my children and wife, 1 can go to heaven or hell by performing such actions, and so on, all of which are only a part of his experience that lam all, -to the fire of consciousness which is absolute and of the nature of the supreme I-ness.

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