Yoga Dolphin Plank Pose

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Today you should involve yourself with some of the more energetic Yoga Dolphin Plank Pose yoga exercises, having first of all practised Stand, stretch and breathe.

1. Stand, stretch and breathe

Stand, stretch and breathe for five minutes.

a. Sit on the floor, legs outstretched and together. Put your hands behind your knees, as if you were going to pick them up, levering the chest and head forwards as you do so. You are now in a position to rock backwards and forwards as you carry out pendulum type breathing.

b. As you rock back your feet should be rather higher than your head. Breathe in as you rock into the feet-high position, and out as you rock back to a head-high position.

2. Rocking

To start with it is difficult to keep the legs straight doing this exercise, but gradually a timed rocking can be developed that is graceful and preconditions the body for the next autogenic session. Maintain the rocking for five minutes.

3. Bhadrasana

Take up Bhadrasana pose (Day Six). Keep this for a further five minutes and then move to autogenics.

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