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Yoga discipline on The methods employed can be understood primarily in terms of renunciation, moral conduct and meditation. The adoption of these leads to the acquisition of knowledge about the true nature of existence, which has the effect of liberating the practitioner from karma and rebirth. The path to liberation is thus one of works, though if one adopts Peter Masefield s line of interpretation then something akin to other power seems to be involved or even be crucial. Also like Jainism and the Upanisads, Buddhism is predominantly a cool-structured tradition. The differences between the three lie more in their metaphysical claims than their practices, though there are obvious differences here too. The Upanisads and Jainism postulate the existence of a self (atman or jiva), though the former tends to be understood as single whereas the latter are multiple. Also the atman creates the universe out of itself and the jivas do not. Yoga discipline 2016.



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Yoga discipline

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