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Yoga diet weight loss on 3, and on liberation one realizes one s identity with the atman/brahman. In terms of Rawlinson s model, the Upanisads present us with a primarily Cool and increasingly Structured approach. THE UPANISADS OF THE BLACK YAJURVEDA The Upanisads of the Black Yajurveda offer the most explicit accounts of yoga in the Principal Upanisads, though their concerns are much wider than that. The following comments are designed to assist the student with the reading of these texts, which can be difficult for those unfamiliar with the style of the Upanisads. The Taittiriya Upanisad This is the only old Upanisad of the Black Yajurveda, through which a number of scholars have seen non-Vedic influences insidiously making their way into the Vedic pantheon.29 If this is the case, we might well find that the Upanisads of the Black Yajurveda are im- portant vehicles for introducing non-Aryan ideas (such as yoga?) into the brahmanical tradition. THE STRUCTURE OF THE TEXT The TU is divided into three chapters (valld lit. Yoga diet weight loss 2016.

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