Yoga And Diet For Weight Loss


‘I like to kickstart my day with an early workout with my trainer – sometimes I’ll go before the girls are even awake! Going early is the best as you get it out of the way and can get on with the rest of the day. Then I’ll come home and have breakfast, which will usually be a bowl of oafs, almond milk and berries with a sprinkle of cinnamon on fop.’


‘If I need a little something to snack on, it’ll usually be a handful of nuts, a banana or a boiled egg. I’ll always have nuts or a banana in my handbag to keep me going!’


‘My go-to for lunch is a chicken and avocado salad, with lots of leaves – sometimes I’ll add quinoa if I know I have a long day. I’ll often make this in the morning and take it to work with me in a lunch box so I’m not tempted to buy a less healthy option.’


‘We love our family trips out for pizza! I don’t feel guilty having the odd indulgence, especially if it means having special time with Richie and the girls. I’m also a sucker for a G&T and Dairy Milk chocolate on a Saturday night in front of the TV!’


‘I’m a big fan of fish, so dinner will often be salmon or haddock with a side of wholemeal rice and crispy kale cooked in coconut oil.

I regularly follow the meal plans in The Healthy Happy Mum Plan manual (thehealthyhappymumplan. – they’re so varied and just as delicious as they are nutritious. You never feel bored or unsatisfied with the recipes, which is great for me as I’m a big foodie! If also helps you plan ahead.’

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‘I don’t take supplements right now, but I have in the past and sure I will in the future.’

FOOD PHILOSOPHY ‘If you eat well, you live well. I tend to feel lethargic after eating sugary foods or heavy meals, so I try to stick to a healthy regime, which helps me to feel energised.

It’s easy to fall into lazy habits with food choices, so I do my best to meal prep the night before and think ahead to what I can snack on when I’m on the go.’

SUPERFOODS ‘I love blueberries and grains like chia seeds and sunflower seeds, especially in porridge.’

The Healthy Happy Mum Plan by Katie Piper andTerriAnn Nunns is available for £39.99 at


‘Most alternatives to cows’ milk are low in protein (except soya milk) so Katie could add a handful of chopped nuts or a dollop of yoghurt to her breakfast to boost the protein content – protein has a high satiety index so it helps stave off mid-morning hunger pangs. Preparing a packed lunch and snacks at home gives Katie control over what she’s eating. Katie’s diet is pretty healthy, but I’d swap coconut oil for rapeseed or olive oil because it’s lower in saturated fat. Eating a varied diet ensures you get a balance of nutrients, so it’s good Katie tries new recipes and gets inspiration from the The Healthy Happy Mum Plan.’

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