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Disappeared doing yoga Yoga for real people with real problems hello I’m Deborah Devine and that was my story an unhealthy lifestyle included an unhealthy diet and a negative mind and those things resulted in a toxic physical state. But then I found gentle yoga it’s the ultimate detox solution now let yo Gahee to new year new you. And when we detox gently and naturally we really amplify the benefits of positive change these yoga tips are your secret weapon to improve circulation flush out toxins and feel amazing let’s begin with a warm-up apan Asana down on the mat on our backs use your arms to help you come down knees are bent now we’ll inhale the arms back. And then we’ll exhale bring one knee in toward the belly then we inhale and let the arms and leg come long.

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And then we exhale the opposite leg up inhaling lengthening exhaling squeezing the leg in towards the belly slow down the breasts and slow down the movements when we’re detoxing the digestive tract needs to be cleaned out apan Asana is an excellent way to get the digestive organs operating at optimum capacity we are moving a lot of energy in the digestive tract right now these movements are actually stimulating the colon when we’re working with the right leg we’re stimulating the ascending colon which is moving waste products through. And then when we are working with the left leg we’re working with the descending colon. And this is right before everything makes its final exit we’re taking food and we’re assimilating all of the nutrients. And then everything that’s left over could be stuck to the sides of the colon. So these movements are wonderful to help stimulate the colon release and move waste products and make room for fresh prana now bhastrika is the Breath of Fire it’s like a dog panting. So we just begin to work with the belly. So that we can get the digestive fires burning a lot more brightly at the end of the practice you may feel like you need to wipe yourself off. And you haven’t even gone anywhere. So let’s give this a try. And then when you run out of steam you just stop catch your breath. And then go back and maybe three rounds doing as many rounds as you can doing as many of these breaths as you can. And just feeling heat building up feeling some kind of shifts going on deep inside the belly we’re moving a lot of energy here getting things warmer and warmer.

And then we’ll release let’s come down to the mat. And we’ll get a bolster setup widthwise on the mat we’re taking our hip right up to the long edge of the bolster bottom knee is bent creating a nice foundation. And the top leg is long we’re gonna drape ourselves over the bolster and let the top arm come up and over long slow smooth in-breath long slow smooth and complete out-breath here just feel how much more space is being created in the side waist then we’re gonna energize that top leg press the heel away and spread the toes hug muscle to bone in the whole top leg moving the leg out of the hip socket moving this ribs away for each other up in the opposite direction of the hips open the armpit pull on the top wrist with the bottom arm and resist with the arm against the pulling of the hand long slow smooth and complete out rest pausing there for just a moment feeling that wonderful sense of peace and stillness there inhaling letting the breath fill you and expand the lungs opening the side ribs like the handles on a pail on the right side we’re dealing with the ascending colon the liver the gallbladder we’re getting lots of space in here and moving a lot of lymphatic fluid then we let the top arm come down. And we use the top hand to help us come up use the upper body strength to help you come out of the pose then we’ll go to the opposite side bring the bolster over to the opposite edge bottom knee bent top leg long inhale and let yourself be draped over the bolster let the arm come up.

And over let’s see, if we can move the bottom arm back and take the head. And the neck and open things up a little bit more at the base of the throat in the fifth chakra vishuddha huh purification this is a wonderful way of detoxing the whole abdomen we’re dealing with the descending colon on this side the stomach. And the spleen getting lots of fresh prana in here with these movements now we’re gonna come back up again for a prone twist now just give yourself a moment before we move into the next post to feel how wonderful your midsection is now right now we’ve moved out a lot of negative emotions we’ve moved out a lot of toxins. And now we’re going to lie down on her back and we’re gonna keep the bolster on standby the bolster is going to be supporting the lower legs then one leg comes up the other leg comes up. And then we roll on to the opposite hip let the arms come out into a tee let your gaze go in the opposite direction of your these twists are excellent for wringing out toxins out of the belly we’re also wringing out toxins that are stuck in the low back in the middle back in the upper back our lymphatic system does not have a pump. So we need to move our bodies in order to move the lymph and carry away waste products from different parts of the body when we’re stuck sitting or when we’re not moving very much these toxins make us feel heavy and dull these twists are the antidote for that we’re also dealing with emotions when we’re in our twists we feel a lot of emotions in the belly. So we’re using the breast to exhale completely and remove all of the negativity the in breasts are bringing fresh blood fresh oxygen fresh prana fresh energy into our bodies now let’s go to the opposite side one leg comes up other leg comes up we let the feet come down we move the bolster to the opposite side.

And then one leg comes up again opposite leg comes up we roll over on to the opposite hip supporting the lower legs. And the knees let the arms come out and do a tea and take your gaze into the opposite direction twists are essential in a detoxification process please continue to enjoy these twists. And then Journal spend a few moments to find out what’s coming up for you this is a wonderfully cathartic experience to be writing these negative emotions down and being done with them that frees up a lot of space and gives you a sense of lightness deep in the belly we’re coming down for bridge and shoulder stand come on to the back knees bent take the shoulder blades down the back one at a time and feel the shoulder shelf broadening you can hang on to the edges of the mat with your hands or you can let your fingers rest on the ground the heels are out. And the toes are in the feet are just a little bit wider than hip width now we’ve got this inner spiral of the upper leg bones that’s going to protect the low back press down into the feet keep the knees. And the hips in alignment and lift the pelvis lifting the pubis symphysis. And the hip points squeeze the glutes squeeze the strings and squeeze the low back long slow smooth in breasts and long slow smooth and complete out breasts energize the legs lengthen the front of the hips. And then we’re gonna come down vertebra by vertebra by vertebra the bridge pose is a wonderful way to stimulate the fifth chakra let’s go up one more time pressing down into the feet energizing the legs keeping the knees. And the hips in a line do you see how we’re creating this wonderful line Prada and energy is floating down and resting in the base of the throat, if you’d like to draw your shoulder blades under the back and interlace your fingers that might be a wonderful opportunity to get a little bit deeper stretch through the front of the heart bridge is an excellent detoxification pose we’re getting lots of action in the lower body and we’re moving a lot of prana into the upper body this pooling of prana in the base of the throat is excellent for establishing a faster metabolism it’s excellent for burning off waste and toxins.

And it’s also wonderful to give us a little bit of peace in our minds energizing the legs knees and hips are in alignment. And then exhaling vertebra by vertebra coming down. And then letting one leg come long let the other leg come long take the arms away from the ribs and rest reach for the bolster and see, if you can place it underneath the knees take the shoulder blades down the back one at a time and broaden through the collar bones take a long slow smooth in breath breathing in light and spaciousness everywhere throughout the body. And the face. And the brain exhaling the last remnants of tension the last remnants of clothing thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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