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An example of how to use the I Ching when one analyzes the behavior of a person. One of the hexagrams describes how a system can influence another system.5 In a passage dedicated to this system, the authors of the I Ching take as an example a marriage proposal. They discuss two extreme situations:

1. The feelings of love are so deep that they are activated in the feet. From there they rise in the direction of the face and the voice. These feelings are deeply felt but are not always capable offinding an adequate expression.

2. Love that expresses itself through the jaw, cheeks, and tongue is the most superficial way of trying to influence others. â

The influence produced by mere tongue wagging must necessarily remain insignificant. ❠(Wilhelm 1924, p. 125)

This example introduces a metaphor that is regularly mentioned by body psychotherapists:

1. A thought or a feeling is not necessarily localized in the brain. Here, the feelings of love can be part of dynamics that build up from the feet up to the face, or from the throat to the face.

2. The more a way of thinking is anchored in the feet, the more it is profound. The body psychotherapist, Alexander Lowen6 takes up this idea when he speaks of a way to think and to feel that is more or less grounded.

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