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Yoga daily health for Both books were written by BahaVllah, who also wrote the Book of Covenant, in which he offers a clear interpretation of his own writings and authorizes future interpretations by his son. Since the death of Shoghi Effendi no one has been authorized to offer official interpretations of the writings. BUDDHISM Baha’i does not use professional priests, boast a monastic order, or prescribe complicated ceremonial rituals or initiation ceremonies. Membership to the Baha’i community is open to anyone who accepts the teachings of BahaVllah and professes faith in him. Every Baha’i, however, must pray daily this can include service work, fast nineteen specified days a year going without food or drink from sunup to sundown, abstain from any use of alcohol or narcotics except for medicinal purposes, and gain permission from parents for marriage and, once married, be monogamous. Baha’i parents are obligated to educate their children. Baha’i communities hold regular meetings for worship under the direction of a respected, unpaid person in the community. Yoga daily health photos, Yoga daily health 2016.

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