Yoga Cow Pose

If the result of the action accrues to the agent then Yoga Cow Pose the middle voice is used as in yajale yajamBnah The priest-sacrificer performs the sacrifice not for himself, but for the other. If on the other hand the fruit of the action Yoga Cow Pose does not accrue to the person on whose behalf the action has been undertaken, then the verb in the active voice is used as in yajanti yajakah The sacrificers are performing the sacrifice for their own sake. A unique characteristic of freedom from the ego the false ‘T’-sense is that one who performs actions but does not aspire to the enjoyment of their fruits does not obtain those fruits. But if actions have been performed by others for example the priest-sacrificer, the fruits of those actions go to the person like the yajamana, the commissioner of the sacrifice who firmly believes that these actions are mine, they have been performed for me.

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