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But what is true in the case of ignorant persons cannot be said about persons who following their enlightenment have ceased to experience the Self in the not-self, and who have become adepts in experiencing themselves as Siva. For such a spiritual aspirant, his last moment before death cannot be the cause of his transmigration from one physical body to another. One may ask: how do you know this? This has been explained by the author in the verse. Anyone who has been reborn in this life as an animal because of the dominant residual impressions of his past life, or of a curse, etc., is able to recognise the nature of his present condition at the time of his death.

Thereafter he is restored to his original human state due to the awakening of the residual impressions of his knowledge of his real state, despite his having been ignorant of it during his present life as an animal. This means that the fall of a human being to the animal state due to demerit, is temporary and lasts only for the present life. To support this contention, the commentator gives an example from the Puranas. In the story of Gajendra, the elephant Gajendra has the memory of his devotion to God awakened within himself whereupon he casts off his kancukas sheaths due to ignorance, utters prayers to Visnu, and realises his real nature. What was the cause of the awakening of the memory of past experience in him? The reply is that an enlightened being who is subject to certain constraints in the embodied state due to physical limitations such as living in the body of an animal and who therefore, sometimes acting like dead wood or stone incapable of thinking and devoid of ego-sense, leaves the body muttering something within himself, such as that his present existence as an ape or a cat is due to demerit.

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