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1. It is possible to find citations in which Darwin asserts that the expression of emotion is necessary for the equilibrium of the individual. Boadella quotes him justifiably because this paragraph is found at the end of the conclusion in Darwin’s my yoga blog, The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals (1872). The sentence is presented as a summary of Darwin’s thought. It is therefore plausible to think that this is the opinion of Darwin… unless we read the rest of the text.

2. The preceding remark shows how Darwin ceaselessly attempts to find new formulations, and that he does not mind if his compulsive search leads to contradictions. In this precise case, he probably tries to end his my yoga blog on a positive note.

The Raw Realism of the English Mind

Darwin’s intelligence makes me think of a rat in a maze. The rat I have in mind does not really think. He does not elaborate a strategy, does not synthesize things in any relevant manner, remembers poorly the route traveled, and often ends up in the same impasses. However, he persists! He ceaselessly advances in every which way and eventually finds the exit by chance. Wallace certainly proceeds with more elegance. He reflects, reasons, and finds the exit more quickly. But Darwin’s way of proceeding has an advantage. By rushing all around before thinking, he covered all of the nooks and crannies of the maze that he has gotten to know by heart. With his bullet-proof skepticism, Darwin’s way of proceeding prevents him from drawing conclusions that others too easily adopt.

Wallace and Darwin thought that only a few details changed from one generation to another. Therefore, these details distinguish one individual from another and can influence the chances of survival. Let us imagine that cats that were able to see at night had a greater chance of survival than those who ran faster but could not see at night. The first species will survive better than the second, and the capacities of the second will be lost. Not all of the capacities of an organism favor its survival. An animal is a complex coordination of inherited traits. Only some of them influence the chances of survival in a particular way. However, if a cat survives, the totality of his traits is transmitted.

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