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Yoga clothes on god and the universe (here souls would be understood to be parts of god) or souls and the universe, as in Samkhya and Jainism. Pluralism is an extension of dualism, with more than two kinds of ultimate beings (god plus souls plus universe for example). Because there are many individual souls in Samkhya and Jainism, they could be regarded as subscribing to pluralistic ontologies. The reason why they are usually described as dualistic is that all the souls (purusa in Samkhya; jiva in Jainism) are identical to each other. In terms of theology, the three most commonly encountered views are polytheism (many gods), monotheism (one god) and atheism (no gods). The point to note about these alternatives, both ontological and theological, is that the options in each category are mutually exclusive. One cannot be a polytheistic monotheist or a monotheistic atheist. Yoga clothes 2016.

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