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Yoga classes online on By contrast, Unstructured teachings say that there is no gap between the starting point and the finishing post. Method and goal are identical. We are not separate from reality/truth/ god and so no map is required. Everything is available now and always has been.2 4 A STUDENT S GUIDE TO THE HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF YOGA Schematically these axes can be represented thus: Hot Structured Unstructured Cool This arrangement gives us four quadrants: hot-structured, cool-structured, hot-unstructured and cool-unstructured. The primary characteristics of each, according to Rawlinson, are: HOT-STRUCTURED These traditions stress the importance of initiatory knowledge, hierarchy, the exercise of will and the manipulation of the laws of the cosmos in the service of self-transformation. Images used by such traditions include the magician and the gambler and the idea of a jump rather than a journey. Yoga classes online 2016.

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