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Yoga child on When he perceives his own nature he is freed from the illusion of thinking that he is a part of prakrti.39 In his The Philosophy of Classical Yoga Georg Feuerstein has challenged the idea that Samkhya and Yoga are two sides of the same coin.40 Despite its seemingly radical nature, however, this claim is not nearly as strong as it sounds. When we examine his argument closely he is not claiming that the two systems have virtually nothing in common but merely that some scholars have gone too far in their claims that Yoga is simply a sub-school of Samkhya. In this he is absolutely right, and Indian tradition obviously agrees with him since it classes Samkhya and Yoga as two darsanas, not one. In Feuerstein s view the two principal differences between these systems are firstly that Yoga puts the emphasis on practical meditational techniques whereas Samkhya stresses intellectual discrimination. Secondly Yoga is often said to be theistic whilst Samkhya is atheistic. Yoga child 2016.

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