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Yoga certification on 7 sets out some of the main variants. Traditions vary significantly in their answers to question 1. The Christian concepts of sin and alienation from god are quite different from the Indian ideas of karma and samsara, though their teachings about how such conditions can be transcended (question 2) are, structurally, remarkably similar: by effort, by grace or by some combination of the two. Likewise, a similar range of responses is found in the Christian tradition as in the Hindu to question 3; either there is some kind of realization of unity or a recognition of difference between soul and god. In the first case, salvation or liberation is fundamentally episte-mological in character: the cosmos does not change though our perception and experience of it does. The unliberated state is understood as one where we do not realize our unity with everything else, including god; the liberated state as one where we do realize this. Once liberated, we can, for example, love our neighbour as ourselves because we realize that our neighbours are ourselves. Yoga certification 2016.

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