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This is the case for two reasons. First because there Yoga Cat Pose is the absence in him of the experience of the Self in the not-self,the physical body, etc., hence the sense of agency is totally absent in him, and Yoga Cat Pose second because such an enlightened being does not have the urge to accept or reject anything. How can any deed performed by an enlightened being bear fruit when there is the total absence of a superimposed ego-sense in him? In the absence of the experience of the Self in the not-self such as the physical body, the fruits of actions performed by enlightened subjects are never borne by them. In the case of ordinary ignorant persons, the fruits of their actions, after they have been performed, are appropriated by the agent, because the agent is the location in which all fruits accrue. But an enlightened being has no false ego, no agency on this level, hence the fruits of the actions performed by him, having lost their capacity for adhesion, fail to cling to him. In case proof is asked for the view that an individual’s connection to the fruit of the deeds performed by him is due to the false ego-sense, the experience of the Self in the not-self, the author of the verse furnishes it in the phrase in the above verse beginning with the expression this is not mine.. This is not mine but his the Lord’s. It is the common experience of a priest performing a sacrifice that he feels he is not actually the performer of the sacrifice, but that the performer of the sacrifice is someone else, the man who pays for the performance of the sacrifice the yajamilnaY. The sacrifice is performed by the sacrificer-priest on behalf of the yajamiina sacrificer who pays for the sacrifice2. Thus when the sacrificer priest performs the sacrifice, he does so with the feeling that this aSvamedha sacrifice is not mine but it belongs to the sacrificer, the yajamana desirous of the fruit of this meritorious deed; I only want money for rendering this job. Let the sacrificer be granted a place in heaven, etc., as the fruit for the performance of the sacrifice. Thus, the act of sacrifice does not result in the fruit of action accruing to the agent, the sacrificer-priest, because there is the absence of the idea of agency in him with respect to the sacrifice which he performs.

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