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Breathing and relaxing Perceiving, observing and allowing to happen According to Professor Coblenzer/Vienna the best function is the one you don’t notice. With regard to breathing it is better to do less than to do more, and get in tune with the fact that your breathing comes and goes by itself, is therefore the recommendation given by Mrs. Prof. Ilse Middendorf/Berlin. According to the motto of autogenic training developed by J. H. Schultz we should observe ourselves from a certain distance as neutral witnesses and allow the breathing to happen as it does. H. Schultz: It breathes me. Please switch your breathing to automatic now and allow your automatic to run by itself.

The breathing should not be pressed, checked or forced, because misguided breathing training can easily cause damage. Many singers who have been completely or partially, ruined through this, would be able to sing a song about it.

We should not want so much but rather allow more. Woe to those that try to breathe too hard! is therefore the warning expressed by Dr. Johann Ludwig Schmitt/Munich, who was known as Breathing Schmitt or Breathing Guru throughout Germany. The ability to wait, to be open, to listen within oneself, to let go are prerequisites for the revitalisation of the breathing.

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In order to be able to know how we can let go of the breathing, we first need to be able to observe how we restrict it, which areas we subject to tension, where we allow it space and where we do not allow it to circulate freely. This perception and observation of our breathing is something we can practice during our activities in daily life. Perception and observation are the modalities of all forms of practice if it is not to just remain a mechanical process.

Now here are a few exercises:

Perceiving, observing and allowing the breathing (practice)

After stretching observe your breathing:

Stretch and writhe extensively and full of delight whilst standing, sitting or lying down. Then take a rest and notice what happened with you perceived your breathing.

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