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Yoga breathing exercise on After the war Swami Satchidananda was sent to Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and then to the USA; Swami Venkatesananda to Australia and then south Africa; whilst Swami Cidananda travelled widely around the Far East before becoming president of the Divine Life Society, branches of which were established across the world.47 At home, Sivananda established the Saraswathi Sanskrit Vidaya in 1944 in order to help students read the Vedantic scriptures in the original. Linked to this was the establishment of the Yoga Vedanta Forest Acadamy, to prepare students to become sadhus and saints. There, they studied kundalind yoga, Vedanta and the six astika darsanas.48 In 1951 it acquired its own press for the publication of works on yoga and spirituality. In keeping with his medical background and emphasis on service, Sivananda established, in 1950, annual eye camps where poor people could be helped with eyesight problems. In 1957, with a benefaction from a wealthy student, a permanent Eye Hospital was opened at Sivananda Nagar. Yoga breathing exercise 2016.

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