Yoga Bound Angle Pose

How can one even talk of transmigration in the case of Yoga Bound Angle Pose the individual who has been restored to his Brahman-nature, which is of the nature of pure consciousness and is therefore above all limiting conditions including time and space?

It may be Yoga Bound Angle Pose asked: in what Siva-form should the spiritual adept know himself? In the above verses the author replies that the spiritual adept should know himself in the form of pure consciousness in whom all the defilements, beginning with the anava mala, have been fully eradicated. In such a form he becomes absolutely pure and exalted in the highest.

In other words, the spiritual adept should have the powers of knowledge and will in the fullest measure, unsurpassable bv anyone. He should become all-pervasive, not conditioned b limitations of any kind, including those of space and time. In such a spiritual adept the pure illumination of knowledge neither perishes nor expands but remains ever the same.

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