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Yoga benefits on Predators evolved night vision and greater speed in response, and have been locked into an evolutionary arms race with herbivores ever since. Reciprocators evolved by delivering benefits to each other, and reciprocator exploiters evolved to take more than they gave. Reciprocators responded by improving their exploiter-identification skills and by punishing exploiters. They have been locked in an evolutionary arms race ever since. Biologists have been able to model aspects of this process using a variety of games, including an iterated (= repeated) version of one called the prisoners dilemma. It works like this: two prisoners are each faced with the choice of giving evidence against the other and thereby reducing his own sentence. The dilemma arises because if neither defects on the other, the police can convict them both only on a lesser charge, so both would be better off if they stayed silent, but each is individually better off if he defects. Yoga benefits 2016.

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Yoga benefits

Yoga benefits

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