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Yoga bed on The image that comes to the minds of many people when the word trance is mentioned is of individuals in a zombie-like state who are not in control of themselves and/or confused. Such individuals are probably thought of as being under the control of some kind of evil hypnotist and being unaware of the external environment to such an extent that they are unable to recognize their friends and family. If I thought about trance in this kind of way, I would think of it as a rather unsavoury subject and certainly not as something that could be highly beneficial for people. That view, however, is a misconception that has been propagated by works of fiction, sensationalistic journalism and the movie industry. Here I shall present a different, more accurate and altogether more attractive picture of trance. Robin Skynner and John Cleese, in their best-selling book Life and How to Survive It, distinguish between what they call open mode and closed mode. These modes are what Skynner calls two different ways of relating to the world. Yoga bed 2016.

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