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When nescience is fully uprooted and destroyed by the spiritual adept with the help of the axe of the pure knowledge of the Self, then how can such an individual assume the limiting property, the physical body? As has been said in the Yoga Gltil: In them, the ignorance Iabout the Selfl has been destroyed by the pure knowledge of the Self, shining like the sun it reveals the supreme Being. IYoga Gita V.16 In other words, the self-experience of a spiritual adept always remains pure after he realises his divine essence. In the production or removal of different kinds of limiting properties nothing new is produced. There is only the purification of the intellect through reflection on the true nature of the Self.

This has been stated by the author in the following verse: Through previous unwavering faith in the authority of the holy texts and their instructions etc., one becomes the same as the object of faith and thereby passes to heaven, hell, or the human state. The individual being who has succeeded in obtaining knowledge of his real Self continues to perform actions to fulfill his desires or remains engaged in carrying out worldly pursuits, all due to past practise and through unwavering faith in the authority of holy texts or instructions received through the tradition of teachers, or as a result of reasoning, which contributes to the strengthening of residual impressions resulting in his becoming the same as the object of faith. Such persons go to heaven to enjoy unalloyed happiness, or to hell to suffer pain, or they attain the form of human beings, who experience both happiness and pain, all due to the persistence of attachment on the eve of physical death. But persons who are free from the residual impressions of the feeling of attachment are not subject to rebirth after the destruction of their bodies.

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