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It has already been stated that the individual in whom the Qnava, mayiya, and karma malas have been destroyed and who exists in his real essence after the destruction of the physical body at the time of death, such a being does not contribute to the sprouting of worldly existence, just as a burnt seed does not sprout. Since once the covering in the form of the physical body is destroyed, immediately after the rise of the pure knowledge of the real Self in an individual, there is no possibility of the sprouting of the world which only exists for embodied beings. But if the physical body persists in some individuals as in the case of liberated but embodied beings, then the question arises of why the Self is not affected by the traits of the physical body. And if the individual being is affected by the traits of the physical body, then would that individual being be subject to transmigration after death? These questions have been addressed by the author in the following verses: The insertion of a grain of rice which has been completely separated from its covering and bran into another covering does not cause that insertion to be permanent. In the same way, the pure consciousness which by purification has been severed from its surrounding veils and is in the state of release is free from the influence of the veils, though that influence lasts for a while.

A grain of rice, fully separated from its covering and bran, if reinserted as before, does not become capable of sprouting like other grains of rice which possess that capacity on account of their never having been separated from their covering and bran. It is not like an iron rod which when divided can be made one again. In the same way, the pure consciousness in the enlightened soul, when separated from the different veils called katicukas covering the soul, becomes fully liberated after obtaining the firm experience I am of the nature of Siva, I always manifest myself as the supreme Self. In such cases, the physical body persists for some time, arising as it does from the kaflcukas the progeny of mfiyfi, which last only for a limited period of time. Such individuals are free from the grip of the veils in the shape of the physical body etc, and therefore from the karmic defilement karma mala.

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