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Yoga at zea for While in some cultures only one or the other belief is found, among the Iroquois of New York State and the Iban of Indonesia both types of dreams are recognized. The Iroquois developed a highly sophisticated theory of dreams that recognized many of the key elements of the psychoanalytic theory of dreams developed by Sigmund Freud hundreds of years later. The Iroquois understood what we now call the conscious and unconscious features of the mind, with the latter thought to represent the wishes of the soul. They also believed that dreams had manifest and latent elements and were symbolic representations of wishes and fears that needed to interpreted in order to be fully understood. They understood that the repression of unconscious wishes could produce both physical and emotional distress and that the best way to prevent or relieve the distress was to satisfy the wish. The Iroquois had two types of dreams. Symptomatic dreams for the Iroquois were ones that set forth wishes or fears of the dreamer’s soul, such as wanting to buy a dog, participate in war, avoid being tortured, be reunited with a deceased relative, or commit adultery. Yoga at zea photos, Yoga at zea 2016.

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