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Yoga at zappos for Some of these dreams foretell misfortune. For example, a death in the family is foretold by dreaming about losing a tooth, about snakes, or about the house falling down. Other dreams foretell good luck, as in dreaming about a person who is away or about finding silver coins, which foretells success in fishing. As Cuna dream interpretation suggests, in most cultures there are indigenous systems of dream interpretation based on the symbolic meanings of elements of the manifest dream. For example, the Melpa of New Guinea recognize a standardized list of dream symbols that relate to death, gifts of pork, repayments, and sex and reproduction, a sample of which are Symbol Harvesting cucumbers Killing a cassowary Killing a small rat Digging up sweet potatoes Someone brings grass Walking into forest Seeing people of junior tribal section Seeing people of senior tribal section Meaning Death of a sick relative Death of own chief Death of one s pig Unexpected gift of pork Unexpected gift of pork Requests to pay debt will be denied Return of gift will be delayed Return of gift will be made soon As this example suggests, what people dream about and dream symbolism are often culturespecific and thus interpretations require both knowledge of the language spoken by the dreamer and the cultural context of the dream. An association between digging up sweet potatoes and a gift of pork would have no meaning in modern Western societies, but for the Melpa both items are of considerable importance. There is also variation among individuals in a given culture concerning the content of their dreams. Yoga at zappos photos, Yoga at zappos 2016.

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