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Yoga at yards park for These differences were exacerbated by several geopolitical issues that created dual developments of Christianity that became increasingly difficult to reconcile. The first event was the overthrow of the western Roman Empire with the barbarian invasions of the fifth century. Latin Christianity survived the wreckage and the papacy emerged as its only institutional legacy.

This led to a far stronger political role for the church, which eventually came under the influence of the Prankish Holy Roman Empire, a rival of the Byzantine Empire. In addition, the two centers Rome and Constantinople became more and more isolated from each other as Slav invasions in the Balkans in the sixth century and the rise of Islam in the Middle East in the seventh century which resulted in the decline of Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem as Christian cities made travel between the cities more treacherous.

Further, the simple issue of language became a barrier as fewer and fewer people could speak both Latin and Greek. Finally, while the intellectual thought of Eastern Christianity was driven by Greek teachers, Western Christianity came to be dominated by the teachings of Augustine of Hippo. Yoga at yards park photos, Yoga at yards park 2016.

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