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Yoga at yale for Separate from this timeline starting in about the tenth century was the development and growth of Eastern Orthodoxy in Russia, which was largely removed from the historical developments of its southern neighbors. Prior to Constantine’s conversion, Greek Christianity was largely limited to cities in Greece. Although numerous forms of Christianity developed throughout the Mediterranean area including Egypt, Palestine, and Syria, Christianity enjoyed no recognition from the Roman Empire. Many Christians were persecuted and martyred by the Romans during this time. The situation changed dramatically in with the conversion of Constantine, which in turn led to two other events that profoundly influenced the development of Eastern and Western forms of Christianity. In Constantine declared Constantinople, which was on the site of the Greek city Byzantium, the new Rome and the center of Christendom. Constantine E EASTERN ORTHODOXY built the Great Church of the Holy Wisdom Hagia Sophia, which served as a symbol of God and came to have a major influence on the development of Byzantine practices. Yoga at yale photos, Yoga at yale 2016.


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