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Yoga at vmfa for The Sinhalese believe in three related phenomena evil eye, evil mouth, and evil thought all of which are believed to be motivated by envy. Harm results from a projection of this feeling of envy onto the person who possesses what the jealous person desires. While the caster of the evil eye may do so without awareness, he or she can be identified by a greedy stare or, in the case of the evil mouth, the making of admiring remarks. Harm resulting from the evil eye includes the destruction of crops and EVIL EYE livestock, a reduction in the quality of milk or palm sap, skin rashes and other maladies, and more. Evil eye accusations are commonly made, but never directly at the accused the suspect is often an elderly person, a category of person not allowed to be the object of direct expressions of aggression. The Sinhalese take numerous measures to protect themselves from the evil eye, such as keeping food out of the sight of strangers and placing protective signs, objects, and building screens around construction sites. Within the context of this general pattern suggested by the Sinhalese experience, there is much variation in beliefs and practices associated with the evil eye in cultures around the world. Yoga at vmfa photos, Yoga at vmfa 2016.

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