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Yoga at utep for And there is even considerable variation within cultures from family to family and individual to individual, especially with regard to measures one must take to prevent the power of the evil from affecting oneself or to reverse its effects. As regards the source of the power, common beliefs are that it comes directly from the caster him- or herself, from a certain category of people the elderly, women, Jews, from a god or supernatural force, from the personal ritual impurity of the caster, from the Devil, or from an evil eye deity. In some cultures it is thought to be always present and always possible, but the consequences are not as serious, and in others it does not exist. In some cultures anyone is thought capable of casting the evil eye, in others it can be cast only by certain categories of people such those in low castes, strangers, outsiders, religious officials, witches, babies also a frequent target, and even animals. Similarly, in many cultures certain categories of people are more often the target, especially the wealthy and handsome, the dominant group in the community, women, babies, and the weak. Fruits and vegetables, livestock, crops, houses, and all sorts of material objects are frequent targets. Given the widespread belief that the evil eye can strike any time an individual admires something about you or something you possess, it is not surprising that thousands of preventive measures are taken to ward off its effects. Yoga at utep photos, Yoga at utep 2016.

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