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Yoga at unity church for Most festivals are of this type. Inversion rites are ones that display basic core values and also solidify social relations by allowing for the public acting-out of otherwise unacceptable behaviors. Such rites are less common across cultures, with carnivals being their primary form. Festivals may be religious or nonreligious, although many nonreligious festivals often include a religious component, such as prayers offered by religious practitioners.

Among major types of religious festivals are those that honor deities, spirits, saints, or anniversaries of major events, those associated with pilgrimages or passion plays, and public processions such as parades. Some religious rites that are conducted in private, such as fasting during Ramadan by Muslims, the Passover Seder by Jews, and the Easter or Christmas meal among Christians, are also public festivals in the sense that they build a sense of community among adherents who are linked by participation in the activity by time if not by place.

In modern nations, people engage not only in many religious festivals but also in many other types of festivals, including the New Year celebration, national holidays, parades, sports festivals, and folk festivals. Yoga at unity church photos, Yoga at unity church 2016.

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