Yoga at union market

Yoga at union market for Festivals acknowledge and reinforce the beliefs of a particular community and include public religious celebrations such as this. FESTIVALS shows, religion is a major factor in Orasac life and traditional festivals are integrated with Orthodox ones. The Orasac festivals point to a number of core values in the Orasac community. That nearly all are religious in nature indicates the central role played by Orthodoxy in the community. The celebration of both the major Orthodox holidays and the various saintsand angelsdays represents a merging of the world religion of Eastern Orthodoxy with regional and local Christian beliefs and customs. Of much significance in this regard is the celebration of the days of the patron saints of the families and groups of related families in the village. The exchange of visits and food among related families cements kinship ties for the coming year. Yoga at union market photos, Yoga at union market 2016.

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