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Yoga at the zoo for Thus, the rituals allow for the public display of behavior that is normally controlled and for a reversal of social status. For example, the rites might involve women attacking men as in Rampur, children playing practical jokes on adults as on Halloween, ordinary citizens insulting the chief, in-laws deriding each other, etc. In short, those involved are people who might feel anger at others during the year but are unable to express their feelings due to their subordinate social status. Annual rites of conflict are of three types those involving verbal hostility, such as teas- FESTIVALS ing or insulting by adults or aggressive behavior by children those involving aggressive behavior by adults, short of actual fighting and those with actual fighting. For example, the Amhara of Ethiopia celebrate the New Year in September when the grain grass begins to mature. As part of the ceremony men engage in mock battles and boys burn scars on their forearms to demonstrate their bravery. Similarly, Tucano men of the Brazilian and Colombian Amazon celebrate their return from the forest with food by whipping each other to see who is the bravest. Yoga at the zoo photos, Yoga at the zoo 2016.


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