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Yoga at the village for Two other features of Rampur festivals point to the localized nature of Rampur Hinduism about half the festivals are ones confined to Rampur or nearby villages and the other half are celebrated throughout much of northern India, and the deities worshipped are mostly local gods and goddess rather than the major deities of Hinduism. This feature of Rampur festivals is typical of many Indian farming villages, which are only marginally integrated into Hindu civilization. Rampur festivals also allow for the public display of daily concerns food, sickness, and the protection of the deities. These festivals are also mechanisms for building female solidarity, primarily in the giving of gifts to daughters and sisters, although it is not apparent from the information provided above. Finally, Rampur festivals foster solidarity among the women of the village. Most festivals involve cooking, joint singing, and worship by groups of women, as well as the worship of female deities. Additionally, five festivals allow for participation by women only, while none are restricted to male participation only. Yoga at the village photos, Yoga at the village 2016.

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