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Yoga at the park for Across cultures, the carnival is the best-known type and most elaborate form of inversion festival. However, such festivals do come in more restricted forms. For example, Halloween and the associated Mischief Night have become inversion festivals in the United States, with children allowed to misbehave by soaping car windows and throwing toilet-paper streamers into trees and also to demand gifts with the admonition Trick or Treat! which is a reversal of the daily warning made to children by adults to Do It or Else! As noted above, a number of village Hindu festivals contain inversion elements, especially regarding the more public role given women during festivals.

Most notable in this regard is the month-long festival of Holi-Dulhendi in which women are the main participants and at the end of which women may beat men. As the women commented Men beat women in all the other days of the year, why shouldn’t there be a day when the situation is reversed? Carnival is the most elaborate form of inversion festival, although carnival in its largest and most dramatic form is confined mainly to the Caribbean and to cultures whose religion is a syncretism of traditional African religions and Roman Catholicism.

Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana, are the two best known, although similar events are staged in the spring throughout the islands of the Caribbean. Carnivals are massive community festivals in which normal activity all but stops and the streets are given over to music-making, parades, dancing, and milling about by performers and participant-spectators. Yoga at the park photos, Yoga at the park 2016.

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