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Yoga at the beach for Buddhist Festivals Lunar Month Festival First Month Thich Ca Xuat Gia Buddha’s Departure from His Family Thuong Nguon New Year Second Month Thich Ca Nhap Diet Buddha’s First Mystical Experience Birthday of Quang Am Birthday of Pho Hien Birthday of Chuan De Phat Mau Third Month Birthday of Thich Ca Fourth Month Birthday of Nhu Lai Birthday of Ho Phap Di Da Sixth Month Quang Am Xuat Gia Quang Arris Departure from Her Family Birthday of Dai The Chi Seventh Month Birthday of Dai Tang Trung Nguon Mid-Year Festival Birthday of Nhien Dang Eighth Month Quang Am Thanh Dao Sanctification of Quang Am Ninth Month Thich Ca Co Phat Nhap Diet Thich Ca’s Achievement of Nirvana Tenth Month Birthday of Di Da Ha Nguon End of Year Twelfth Month Thich Ca Dae Dao Thich Ca Became a Buddha The annual festival cycles of the Cao Dai sects contain less events than the Buddhist one and also reflect the syncretic nature of the religion. Syncretism is also reflected in the use of lunar months except for Christmas, which follows the Gregorian calendar. The Ba Chin sect adheres to the following schedule Lunar Month First Month Second Month Third Month Fourth Month Fifth Month Seventh Month Eighth Month December Festival Cao Dai Feast of the Supreme Being Thuong Nguon New Year Thai Thuong Lao Quan Anniversary of a Celestial Deity Papal Election Feast Birth of Thich Ca Birth of the Pope Trung Nguon Mid-Year Feast Birthday of Dieu Tri Kim Mau Christmas The annual cycle of the Tien Thien sect reflects not just the influence of Buddhism and Catholicism but also the importance of the French-Vietnamese war and thus the mix of secular holidays of national importance with religious ones. Lunar Month First Month Second Month Seventh Month Ninth Month Tenth Month December Festival Honoring War Dead New Year Feast of Thai Thuong, Supreme Being Honoring War Dead Trung Nguon, Mid-Year Festival Memorial Ceremony for Marshal Due Ha Nguon, End of Year Honoring War Dead Christmas This situation is also typical of many communities in the United States where religious holidays are celebrated privately in churches, synagogues, or mosques or at home and community festivals are celebrated in public, often outdoors, with little or no religious content. Some of FESTIVALS these public celebrations, such as Memorial Day or the Fourth of July, are explicidy patriotic and nationalistic while others focus on the local community, such as town or county fairs and parades. Inversion Festivals Inversion festivals are ones that turn the social order on its head. The key characteristics are that behaviors that are otherwise not permitted are now permitted and encouraged and the festivals are marked by much gaiety, humor, music, dance, and general merry-making. Yoga at the beach photos, Yoga at the beach 2016.

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