Yoga at surf lodge

You have probably discovered (or soon will discover) that progress in the postures is irregular. That is, you will find that you can accomplish a more extreme position fairly comfortably one day, but that two or three days of practice may be needed before you can do this again. This is the Yoga learning process. There are days when you experience what appears to be a setback. We say appears❠because it is not truly a setback; the body is stiff on certain days and does not respond as well as on previous days. Actually, it is setting itself and preparing “to make another stride forward. This is similar to the arrow, which is first pulled back before it leaves the bow. This pulling-back movement provides greater impetus to fly forward. When you seem to be having difficulty, your body is usually drawing itself back like the arrow. If you simply go easy❠when you feel stiff and do not force your body or become discouraged, you will find that within a day or so your organism has completed its setting process and then will take a significant step ahead.

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