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See the appendix for greater detail. Here the author describes the nature of delusion as the failure to cognize reality due to the concealment of the true nature of the substratum, the universal pure consciousness. On the other hand, all the other subjects existing on the impure levels, the vijihlnakalas, pralayltkalas and sakala beings living on the levels which extend from t he level jusl below the suddlta vidya up to the gross level of prtliivl, are said to be affected by the self- imposed contraction smikoca the iltureii main.

As a consequence of this they forget their universal divine nature. They are therefore held to be veiled by paurupi ajnitna. The non-dual Saivites hold that the vijfldnHkala subjects are affected by paurusa ajtMtui as they are covered by the ilnava mala only. The prnlaifctkala and the sakala subjects exist in the sphere of mAjH Thus they are covered by a thick veil and no longer experience themselves as the real Self. They are therefore said to develop the experience of the Self in the not-self in order to retain their nature as a subject.

The experience represented by the physical body or any one of its constituents has its seat in the intellect and therefore is bauddha. It is obvious that this kind of ignorance is of the nature of superimposition of the of not-self, hence it is said to be conceptual in nature vikalpa. All schools of Indian philosophy consider ignorance about the true nature of the Self to be the cause of the bondage of the individual being. Saivism considers ignorance to be of two kinds which respectively conceal the true nature of the Self on two different levels. Spiritual ignorance, technically called paurusa ajiWna has its seat in the very contracted nature of the consciousness-nature of the Self.

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