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Yoga at summit park for It remains of considerable GIOMANCY G GEOMANCY importance today and, as in China, is used in selecting sites for both buildings and graves. Hogaku directions and corners in Japan is used mainly for placing buildings, but it is also consulted for guidance when marrying, moving, and traveling. Geomancy has been brought to the West by some in the New Age movement and by some environmentalists. In the Western context it used almost exclusively in site selection and building orientation there is little interest in its use for grave site selection, as ancestor worship is not a component of modern Western culture or religion. There are two major approaches used in geomancy. In one, the geomancer reads and interprets environmental features and their relationship to the five elements wood, fire, earth, metal, and water in selecting a site. In the second, the geomancer relies heavily on the geomancy compass in order to measure the celestial orientation of the site. Yoga at summit park photos, Yoga at summit park 2016.

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